About us

Hey there, this is Luca, the hair stylist for people who want state-of-the-art haircuts,
re-interpreted and personalized.
Wanna know my story?
Go ahead.

I was born Venetian.
I’ve been in the hairdressing field since the late 80s and I’m very passionate about my work. I’m attracted by everything that deals with fashion history.
You could say I’m an authentic hunter for cool styles, always discovering new trends by working in the most prominent fashion centers. I left Venice for Riccione, driven by my own curiosity, then I moved to London in order to attend Tony&Guy Academy and Vidal Sassoon Academy. When I came back to Italy, in Bologna, I started working in fashion advertising: I offered my service in photo shootings and as an instructor. After that, I came back to Venice once again.
But my hunger never sleeps, so I left my city again in order to gain new working experiences in Barcelona, Paris, London, Amsterdam, wherever I felt the sparkle of a new trend.
Thanks to all these experiences I can finally say that I’ve mastered a unique haircutting technique: hair is divided in sections, then I cut and dry every single hair lock, according to the shape of the head and to the peculiarity of each face.